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Timeless Derby Day Style

Throughout the spring racing period, I get so many emails asking for advice on how to select a headpiece for a particular outfit. So, in this Spring Styling series, I'll be delving into some beautiful Australian designed outfits, and explaining how I would go about styling them.

Today I'm working with the divine 'Cosmos Maxi Dress' by Elliatt.

I am so drawn to the timeless structure and application of lace in this dress! I personally love the sleeves here, but if you'd prefer something sleeveless in a similar design, be sure to take a look at other options available from Elliatt!

While Derby Day may dictate a black and white dress code, there is still plenty of opportunity to show off your personality through your headpiece selection!

Here are my top picks:


For me, contrasting feminine lace with edgy leather is a no brainer, so I'm recommending 'Dauphine' in black. This dress is already a little bit of a statement in its intricacy, so I would avoid too much height in the headpiece. Dauphine wraps across the head snugly to create a detailed look, without going too over the top. The cut of the leather flowers also mimics the lace florals perfectly!


What could be more timeless than pearls? My second suggestion is 'Dainty' in pearl (although the charcoal option would look fabulous too!). This design is simple yet special - it lets the dress do the talking, but also plays an important role in completing the outfit. This piece would look particularly good on darker hair.


Although Derby Day traditionally follows a black and white dress code, I have always felt that accessorising with gold is a great way to add a little something special to your overall look, so my final pick is 'Roseworthy'. This design provides a pop of gold that will shine next to complementary jewellery or a clutch, and also features pearl elements which will speak beautifully to the classic style of the dress.


These are my top three picks for The Cosmos Maxi Dress, but there are so many different directions you could take with this outfit! Factors like your hair colour, skin tone, how you want to accessorise, and how much of a statement you want to make, all come into play. If you would like personalised spring racing style advice, you are always welcome to get in touch with me directly! You can find me at at any time!

Thanks for playing dress-ups with me! Em x