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Styling a Two Piece Set for Spring Racing

Throughout the spring racing period, I get so many emails asking for advice on how to select a headpiece for a particular outfit. So, in this Spring Styling series, I'll be delving into some beautiful Australian designed outfits, and explaining how I would go about styling them.

Today I'm working with the divine 'Amber' shirt and pant in Candy Pink by Bec & Bridge.

Working with a two piece set is such an exciting way to change up your look for the spring carnival, and this colour is so very 'Barbiecore', which is such a fun trend at the moment!

Here are my top suggestions for millinery pairings:


If you’re looking to wear this outfit to Oaks Day, my first headpiece pairing suggestion would be ‘Piper’, featuring yellow and champagne coloured gems. Yellow is such a beautiful spring tone, and it’s going to bring a hint of extra colour to the outfit, without overshadowing the suit.

PICK TWO - 'LEILANI' in freshwater pearls

Another good option for Oaks Day is ‘Leilani’, which is a freshwater pearl crown. Pearls are obviously a classic look, so they speak to the timeless nature of a suit. And given that this two piece set makes a bit of a statement in itself, I think it’s important to keep your headpiece choice subtle but still special.

PICK THREE - 'MONTAVAL' in yellow and red

You could of course also style this outfit for Cup Day, which is traditionally bright and bold, so my final headpiece suggestion is ‘Montaval’. I love a bit of a clash between red and pink, and this piece also ties in the yellow tones I spoke about earlier. I'd love to see this paired with a statement red lip.


These are my top three picks for the 'Amber' set, but there are so many different directions you could take with this outfit! Factors like your hair colour, skin tone, how you want to accessorise, and how much of a statement you want to make, all come into play. If you would like personalised spring racing style advice, you are always welcome to get in touch with me directly! You can find me at at any time!

Thanks for playing dress-ups with me! Em x