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Emily here – I’m the Director | Designer at Derby & Power. Thanks so much for having a wander through the site!


I launched Derby & Power in 2016 with the aim to fill the gap between cheap, mass produced headwear, and unattainably expensive high-end millinery. I design and handmake every D&P piece right here in Melbourne.


At the heart of the D&P brand are a few core values – take a look!


Every D&P piece is handmade by myself – I want my customers to feel like they are receiving a one-of-a-kind bespoke piece, regardless of whether they are purchasing from the existing range, or placing a custom order.


I have always appreciated fashion and style, and love spending time putting together the perfect outfit for an event. But when it came to racing season I always struggled - I could never afford all of the zeros on the price tags of handmade millinery, and everything I could afford was mass produced and generic. D&P sits between these two extremes. Each D&P piece is priced according to the make time and materials required – all prices are genuinely as affordable as they can possibly be. I always ensure that each collection includes a variety of price points to meet differing customer needs.


Upcoming trends are absolutely a focus when it comes to designing a new collection. But rather than using these trends as a road map for a new range, I like to utilise them as a source of inspiration to create something unique. I’ve always felt that adding a headpiece to an outfit is the ultimate luxury finishing touch, and I want my customers to feel that they are on-trend, yet distinctive, when wearing one of my pieces.


Pain is beauty? Ahhh, no thanks. Race days are marathon events  - you’re in heels, in the sun, probably having a few drinks… there’s no need to add a headache inducing headpiece to the mix! All of my designs are headband based so that you don’t have to worry about anything flying away or coming unpinned. The headbands are tried and tested to ensure that they don’t dig in behind the ears, and the designs themselves are incredibly lightweight. As an added bonus, the headband based structure means that you can add a D&P piece to pretty much any hairstyle at the last minute with no fuss.

Thank you again for stopping by the site! I love what I do, and it’s amazing to be able to share it with you. 

Em x


PS – if you’d like to stay in touch you can shoot me an email, follow on Insta, or sign up for my monthly update emails (and nab yourself a discount code while you’re at it!) x

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