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Styling a Classic Look for Spring Racing

Throughout the spring racing period, I get so many emails asking for advice on how to select a headpiece for a particular outfit. So, in this Spring Styling series, I'll be delving into some beautiful Australian designed outfits, and explaining how I would go about styling them.

Today I'm working with the gorgeous 'Rhiannon' dress in colour 'sorbet' by Significant Other.

I'm a big fan of a sleeve for spring racing - especially if you're attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival, where the weather is notoriously unpredictable! This beautiful subtle pink also feels like the perfect springtime shade.

When working with a block colour outfit like this one, there's plenty of room for creative flair when selecting your headpiece!


This dress definitely gives me an Oaks Day feel, so my first suggestion is 'Parbury' in lilac. The varying shades of purple offer a slight contrast to the dress, with pink tones also present to complement. As an added bonus, I love how the smooth sheen of the pink petals picks up on the texture of the dress fabric.


Continuing with the feminine Oaks Day theme, my second pick is 'Danedream', featuring a variety of different gold and pearl elements. Pearl is a classic choice for ladies day, and in this case, the lustre of the pearl elements will also enhance the shine of the fabric. As a slightly asymmetrical design, 'Danedream' will also complement the single sleeve structure of the dress, without throwing the look off balance.


For my final suggestion, I'm going to throw a Melbourne Cup Day option into the mix! This is 'Caracalla' in red, which creates a stunning 'clash' of red and pink. This combination would be perfect for the traditionally bright and bold theme of Melbourne Cup Day.


These are my top three picks for the Rhiannon dress, but there are so many different directions you could take with this outfit! Factors like your hair colour, skin tone, how you want to accessorise, and how much of a statement you want to make, all come into play. If you would like personalised spring racing style advice, you are always welcome to get in touch with me directly! You can find me at at any time!

Thanks for playing dress-ups with me! Em x