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Headband Hairstyles for Winter

I LOVE a winter wardrobe - I feel like the opportunity to layer allows for a lot more creativity in styling. And adding a headband can be a beautiful final layer :)

Here are my top tips for incorporating headwear into your winter wardrobe!


A pearl headband is the epitome of classic styling. 'Leilani', pictured above, features a string of irregular freshwater pearls on a gold band. When working with such a classic look, I always encourage clients to add 'a little something extra' to help personalise their style. A pearl headband paired with a cardigan is a little too conservative for my liking, so I've worked my hair into a high half-up-do, to make my look a little more fun and low key.


Winter often naturally encourages a darker wardrobe (especially for us Melbournians!). And while I'm a big fan of blacks, browns and greys, every now and then a pop of colour can make you stand out on a winters day :) Incorporating shades of yellow that tend towards mustard is one of my favourite ways to add colour. The 'Gala' band in yellow, pictured above, gives a little nod to winter sunshine, while maintaining warm tones that will work with a darker winter wardrobe.


Opting for an all black look never has to be boring! If you're going for a monochrome outfit, I'd recommend using a headpiece with a little shine or sparkle to lift the look and give it an extra dimension. 'Piper', pictured above, features alternating black and grey gems, which fit perfectly with a monochrome ensemble, but which will also bounce some of that winter light around.


I hope a few of these ideas help if you're in a bit of a winter style slump!

You can view the complete collection of Derby & Power headpieces here, and you can also contact me if you would like some personalised styling advice! Em x

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