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The Story So Far

Do you like to know who you’re actually buying from when possible? Me too.

Let’s do some fun fast facts to get you a little better acquainted with my story!

Melbourne Milliner - Derby & Power
Early stages of the 2021 millinery range!


Emily if you’re mad at me, otherwise just Em ;)

My past life?

Working in buying across fashion, kitchen and homewares.

What sparked the beginning of Derby & Power?

Well my genetics were probably the starting point – there’s a long history of self-employment in my family. But more specifically, Derby & Power began life as a millinery label, after I personally found it difficult to find unique yet affordable pieces for myself.

My first range?

Oh my! It was awful. I think I sold one out of about thirty headbands I had made. But I adored the process – everything from making the pieces, to managing the (teeny tiny!) business. I highly recommend starting before you’re ready – no regrets!

Race day crown by Derby & Power
NOT one of my first designs - those photos are staying in the vault!

How do I develop my skills?

Short courses, workshops, YouTube, trial and error – a bit of everything!

Where does my design inspiration come from?

I don’t have a set process, I just record thoughts as they pop into my head, and inspiration as it passes me by. Sometimes I’ll wake up with a fully formed design idea in my mind, other times I’m inspired by a unique fabric or embellishment that I come across.

Career highlight?

It’s always exciting seeing your designs on the telly, which I’m lucky enough to have experienced a bit of over the past few years. I’ve also run a few pop-up stores during the lead up to the Melbourne Cup Carnival – getting to meet customers, combined with the crazy adrenaline of keeping up with orders, is always such a thrill.

Derby & Power Millinery Pop-Up Store, Chapel St Melbourne
My little 2019 Pop-Up Store on Chapel St :)

How about a low-light?

The limbo of 2020/21 has been tough for everyone. Putting a huge amount of work into a range, while not knowing if anyone would have the need for it, definitely took a mental toll and ate away at my normally plentiful motivation levels. In the end though, I managed to pull back unnecessary expenses, and I couldn’t believe how many orders filtered through despite the pandemic!

Derby & Power designer Emily Winter
Very 'Melbourne 2020/21' - all black + face mask to accessorise

What’s next?

Lot’s of plans for D&P! I am beyond excited to be gradually adding homewares to the range. Entertaining and making my house feel like a home is a huge part of my life, so it just feels like a natural extension to bring it into the business.

Thanks for taking the time to ‘meet the maker’ ;) If you’d like to keep getting to know me, I’m always available and sharing what I’m working on over on Instagram – see you there! Em x

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