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a curated collection of handmade designs

Handmade resin decorative tray

I’m pretty chuffed that you’ve found your way to Derby & Power!


Hi there, I’m Emily, and Derby & Power is a curated collection of my handmade designs.


I take inspiration from the things I love most in life, and I create handmade pieces to complement them. While Derby & Power is evolving to incorporate several different product categories, at this time of year, it's all about millinery!


I hope you enjoy wandering through my collections, and thank you for supporting small  batch and small business! Em x

Embellished crowns - meet the Garland Collection


Since launching in 2016, Derby & Power has become known for its hand-stitched, embellished crowns. Built on a lightly padded band, these designs are both striking and comfortable, and can be easily added to a variety of hairstyles.

Ready-made pieces are available to shop now, and you’re also most welcome to get in touch to discuss your own custom piece!


100% designed and handmade in Melbourne | AVAILABLE NOW!

A spring racing crown, made in Melbourne
Silk turban crown, made in Melbourne

Limited Collection - custom printed silks


Brand new to the range in 2022, I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Matilda Collection! These silk turban crowns are made from exclusive Derby & Power hand-painted designs. Offering a more versatile headwear option that can be dressed up for the spring carnival, or toned down for a brunch date, you will also find that extra padding behind the ears makes these pieces extremely wearable!


100% designed and handmade in Melbourne | AVAILABLE NOW!

Leather Love - the OG D&P


The Florence Collection has returned with each spring collection since Derby & Power’s launch in 2016. Featuring hand cut and heat shaped leather elements, these crowns provide a beautiful contrast of traditional millinery designs and modern fabric applications. Built on lightweight bands, the Florence Collection is comfortable to wear, and easy to work into different hairstyles.


All leather is sourced locally and ethically!

100% designed and handmade in Melbourne | AVAILABLE NOW!

Spring racing headpiece, made from leather in Melbourne
Custom millinery by Derby & Power

You do you - custom millinery


All Derby & Power designs are handmade specially for you… but if you’re after something EXTRA special, a custom order may be the way to go.


Whether you would like to request a slight variation on an existing D&P design, or you have something totally new in mind, we can work together to bring your vision to life.


You can learn a little more about the custom order process in the FAQ section.

These are a few of my favourite things

As with the designs I create, the Derby & Power blog is a collection of the things I get most joy from in life. From recipes, to styling tips,  to deep dives into my designs – these are a few of my favourite things!

It's been a ride so far... follow along!

Kind words

Everything about Derby & Power and her handy work is awesome. Thank you.

Melissa, October 2022

OMG this is incredibly cute and well made! Love it! Thank you.

Kylie, September 2022


So pretty! Great for the races 10/10

Lacee, September 2022

Beautiful handmade piece at an affordable price

Mikkayla, August 2022


Awesome to work with and did a custom order within my tight timeframe. Even did mock-ups and had great suggestions!

Sheena, July 2022

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